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How do I generate a visitor QR-code?

The QR feature allows your staff and pre-registered visitors to check-in with a QR code or barcode, using the iPad device camera. 

Generating a visitor QR code

  1.  Log into your e-Reception Book dashboard.
  2.  Under the ‘Categories’ tab, click the ‘Pre-Register’ sub tab.
  3.  Click the ‘Add a Visitor’ button.
  4.  Input the necessary visitor details.
  5.  For repeat visitors, it may be worth selecting a future date, in the ‘Visiting Until’
    input box. Leave blank if they’re only visiting for one day.
  6.  You must input a Visitor Email address and select ‘Yes’ for ‘Enable QR/Barcode
  7.  The visitor will now be sent an automated email with their QR code, that they can
    scan upon arrival.

Check-in with a QR code (Visitor)

  1.  Tap the Check-in button and then tap the QR/Barcode button.
  2.  Simply present your QR code/barcode to the iPad device camera.