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How do I set-up/add visitor categories?

Categories allow you to differentiate visitors at the point of check-in. Choose and customise up to 6 categories from your dashboard. 2.0 you can add unlimited.

Categories allow you to customise a bespoke welcome email for each
individual category. Furthermore, you can set if it's required for a visitor
category to input who they are visiting and remove specific input fields.


1) To start, log into your online dashboard.

2) The categories tab should appear on the top navigation bar. If not, please
contact your e-Reception Book Account Manager to activate it.

3) Once on the Categories menu, you can add a category by pressing the
‘Add Category’ button. You can amend the categories by pressing the ‘Edit’
button and delete a category by pressing the ‘Delete’ button. You can simply
rearrange the categories by dragging the category rows.

4) When creating a category you are able to add a category name, add a
bespoke email bounceback and disable if you want to ask whom the visitor is

5) You can also upload a PDF document for this specific category to sign.


1) Log into your e-Reception Book dashboard. The Categories tab is under the Check-In tab. From here you can simply add and amend your visitor categories.