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How do I add a DBS contractor?

 1) First click the ‘Companies/Employees’ tab, which is located on the top
navigation bar.

2) You can now pre-register a contractor by clicking the green ‘Add DBS
Contractor’ button. You can also export all your Contractor details by clicking
the ‘Export Contractor’ button. Both these buttons should appear directly
above the ‘Companies / Employees’ section. If these buttons do not appear
at the top of the page, please contact your Account Manager.

3) After you have clicked the ‘Add DBS Contractor’ button, simply add in the
contractor details, including their DBS number and expiry date. Press save
once finished.

4) Contractors will now be able to check in via the ‘Contractor’ category
button, shown after pressing the initial check-in button on the device. Visiting
contractors will now be required to sign the uploaded NDA. If the contractor
has been DBS checked via the dashboard, they will be able to proceed, with
this message showing on the device screen: 

5) If a contractor checks in, without a valid DBS number being pre-inputted
via the dashboard, they will be alerted that they have to further report to