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How do I set-up the KLOE survey questions?

Firstly contact your account manager to set-up the KLOE survey questions for your account. From here our team will add this feature to your account.

Now, as a visitor checks-out on the iPad device, they are able to provide ratings against KLOE, using our simple smiley face system. These convert to a 1-5 rating and can be presented to a CQC Inspector.

KLOE stands for “Key Lines of Enquiry” and covers the various different areas, which the CQC will investigate. This process is centred around five key questions, which inspectors use to help establish whether a service is providing the high standard of care expected of them.

This is the process:

  1. The visitor checks-in as normal.
  2. At check-out, the visitor signs out as normal, by selecting their name.
  3. The visitor can now leave an initial overall rating of their experience today, using the smiley emoticons.
  4. Once the visitor has left an initial rating, the further KLOE questions will automatically appear.
  5. The visitor can then review the KLOE questions and provide a separate rating for each.
  6. By simply tapping the questions, the visitor can be provided with further information, to the questions being asked.